Terms and Conditions for all Businesses that hire the service Wap.us! (WAPUS ECO INCORPORATED) and Users who use the Wap.us! (WAPUS ECO INCORPORATED)
These Terms and Conditions regulate the service made available by WAPUS ECO INCORPORATED ("Wap.us!") To shops, restaurants, services, professionals and any establishment (the "Businesses") and to the customers who enter to use them (the " Users "), consisting of the provision of a web space for online sales, online reservations, online product catalog or online electronic commerce ("Widget" or "Widgets "), among others.

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully, keeping in mind that by using these Widgets you are indicating your acceptance of them. You should visit this page periodically to review the Terms and Conditions as they are binding on you.

Additionally, remember that the prices, the transaction, delivery times, purchase limits, product suitability and other conditions of the transaction through the respective Widget, are defined by the Businesses and, if necessary, may be regulated by the terms and conditions. arranged by the Businesses.

Business / Businesses: It is the business, company, restaurant, merchant, service provider, professional or establishment, unrelated, not property, or part of Wap.us!, which hires the technological tools or software made available by Wap.us! in order for Wap.us! provide its service to the Businesses to create their Widget. In this sense, the Businesses are exclusively responsible for the products and services that they publish and/or offer through their Widget and are in charge of determining the conditions under which their products and services are offered, as well as with whom the Users agree the reservation and/or buy or sell transactions.

Payment gateway: Service provided by third parties unrelated to Wap.us! that allows the processing and making of payments by the Users to the Businesses or Deliverys, through electronic means.

Delivery / Deliverys: It is the natural person hired by the Business, who provides the Delivery Service or Transport Service of the products purchased by the Users from the Businesses, totally unrelated to Wap.us!.

Delivery Service / Transport Service: It is the service contracted by the Business, through Wap.us! or not, by means of which it enters into a Transportation Contract, so that it transfers the product or package to the address selected by the User, in exchange for remuneration.

Widget: It is the Business web space hosted on Wap.us!, which is controlled, operated and administered by the Business within the Wap.us! content directory in a single directory that corresponds to the Business as follows "wap.us/comercio" and in which the products and/or services of the Business are exhibited and offered to the Users.

User: It is the natural or legal person that makes use of the technological tools or software offered by the Widget, with the purpose of acquiring a product or Service offered by the Business and optionally contracting the services of a Deliery and/or making a payment in a Payment Gateway.

These Terms and Conditions regulate the services provided by WAPUS ECO INCORPORATED to the Business, which facilitate the provision of mechanisms to incorporate the Business own services to receive payments and process the transport of the products purchased by the Users. Consequently, Wap.us! It is not responsible for the conditions under which the transactions between the User and the Business are held, if they are equitable and/or if they are properly executed, nor for the quality and safety of the products and services offered by the Businesses.

Business Terms and Conditions
For references and conditions on prices, the transaction, delivery times, purchase limits, return of products, return of payments, withdrawal of the transaction, suitability of the product and other conditions of the conclusion of the transaction between the User and the Business, go directly to the terms and conditions established by the Business.

Services offered by Wap.us! in the Widgets
Regardless of the products offered by the Businesses that are displayed in each of the Widgets, Wap.us! could provide in some of the cases the following services, as long as it is explicitly communicated and limited to these only:

Delivery Intermediation Service / Transport Intermediation Service: To specify the Delivery Service, through these Terms and Conditions, the Businesses that use the Delivery Intermediation Service confer a commercial mandate to Wap.us! to publish an offer of Delivery Service in a system clearly identified and directed to the Deliverys or to the Business itself, as long as that is the case. This assignment can be automatic or manual, in such a way that once said offer is accepted by a Delivery or by the Business, a transport contract will be signed between the Business and the Delivery, so that the Delivery will provide the Delivery Service and will deliver the products purchased by the User in the Business Widget, leaving Wap.us! totally outside of said contract, agreement and transaction, without keeping control or account of the correct provision of the service or the responsibilities that it entails.

Geographic scope of the Delivery Service: The User could choose to withdraw the product at the Business location (Pickup, Local Pickup, etc.) in the event that the Business configures it in its Widget or request its dispatch through the Delivery Service to the indicated address or location. In the last case, the Delivery Service will only be possible when the address or location indicated by the User is located within the polygon or coverage area of the Business and at the cost that the Business agrees with the User.

Restrictions for some products and protection of minors: To access the Widgets and the products that each Business offers on it, it is necessary to be legal aged (over 18 years old), therefore, at the time of making the transaction with the Business, the User declares and guarantees that he has the required age of majority (over 18 years old).

Likewise, due to the fact that it is not legally allowed to supply certain products to Users who are minors, Users declare that the people who will receive the products from the Shops are of legal age.

Wap.us !, reserves the right to require Users (or any person designated by them to receive the products and / or services) proof of their legal age when accessing the Widget. Likewise, the Deliverys and the Business reserve the right to require Users (or any person designated by them to receive the products and / or services) proof of their legal age at the time of delivery.

Cancellation and return of orders, purchases and payments: Once an order, reservation, purchase and / or payment has been confirmed by the User, it will not be possible to cancel or return the order or transaction through the Widget or Wap.us!. Any request regarding returns, right of withdrawal and / or cancellations of orders, reservations or purchases will be requested or agreed exclusively between the Business and the User.

Customer Service: Claims and concerns related to the suitability, characteristics, use or change of products, celebration and execution of transactions carried out by the User with the Business, must be addressed to the Business through the channels provided and arranged by the Businesses in the Widget. Also, but not limited to, in the Business Widget that is the subject of your possible claim on Wap.us! the User will find an information icon "(i)" in the upper right menu. The User can use this option it to begin a process of requesting information or reporting, to which we will respond in less than 7 calendar days.

Payment Methods
Wap.us! makes available to the Business payment methods or payment gateways operated by third parties, so the Users can make payments for the products purchased from the Businesses through the aforementioned payment gateways. In this scenario, the Businesses will directly receive the payments from the Users without intermediaries, therefore WAPUS ECO INCORPORATED does not receive, outsource or keep records or information of the transfers and payments between Users and Businesses.

The products and / or services offered by the Businesses can be paid at the time of receiving the provision, service or product, or also can be paid online when using the Widget through credit card, debit card, cryptocurrencies, credits, preloads, tokens, points or any of the means accepted by the respective payment gateways configured by the Businesses and unrelated to Wap.us!

The security measures of the selected payment methods will be those provided by the Businesses, the financial entities that provide the cards and / or the payment gateways used by the User to complete their purchase.

Users Duties
By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the User agrees to:
1. Provide truthful and reliable information at the time of completing their purchase and / or reserving a service.
2. Make responsible and correct use of the Widget.
3. Refrain from using the Widget to carry out acts contrary to the law, especially those related to the intellectual property rights of third parties.
4. Timely pay the Businesses for the products and / or services purchased.
5. Inform the Business of any usurpation, identity theft, falsification or error in the purchase data and / or contracting of a service.
6. Refrain from engaging in conduct that threatens the operation of the Widgets, as well as violating or attempting to violate their security. Specifically, they will not be able to (i) access servers or accounts to which the User is not explicitly authorized to enter; (ii) attempting to test the vulnerability of a system or network without proper authorization from Wap.us! or violate the security or authentication measures of Wap.us!, (iii) try to interfere with the services provided to a User, server or network including, but not limited to, sending viruses, phishing, farming, cross site scripting through the Widgets. The violation of any system or safety net may result in civil and criminal liability. The Business and / or Wap.us! will investigate the occurrence of events that may constitute violations of the foregoing and will cooperate with any competent authority in the persecution of users who are involved in such violations.

Wap.us! has no obligation to review the information or the products and / or services offered in advance, nor is it responsible for reviewing or monitoring the information included in the Businesses Widgets. Wap.us! does not grant any guarantee, express or implicit, regarding the veracity, accuracy or reliability of the information included in the Businesses Widgets. The User acknowledges and declares that the trust placed in any material included in the Widgets by the Business and any purchase, reservation, request or payment will be made at their own risk and responsibility, understanding that it is not subject to the supervision or responsibility of Wap.us!.

Regarding the transaction, reservation and / or contracting: The User knows and declares that Wap.us! does not make decisions or assume responsibility for the quality, suitability and offer conditions of the products and / or services provided by the Businesses, which will be the sole responsibility of the Businesses. On the contrary, the service offered by Wap.us!, and consequently its responsibility, is limited exclusively to making available to Users the payment gateways operated by third parties that have been configured by the Businesses so that they can be available in their Widget; in addition to facilitating, in some cases, the contracting of the Transport Service for the products of the Businesses through Deliverys, where the intermediary in charge (Company, Service Provider or Business) will be explicitly informed. Any offer of delivery, shipments and / or distributors published by the Businesses in its Widget in which the person in charge (Company, Service Provider or Commerce) that carries out the Delivery Service is not explicitly informed and detailed, is not even a service facilitted by Wap.us!.

In this mean, the User declares that he will be responsible for the decisions he adopts when entering into his transactions with the Businesses, assuming the commercial or economic risks of the transactions. In addition, the User has full knowledge and declare that understands that any complaint and / or claim that may have regarding the suitability, guarantee, exchange, defect of the product and / or service, or in relation to the information provided about them and / or the terms of the transaction entered into with the Businesses, will be addressed directly to them.

Regarding the Delivery Service: This service may be provided directly by the Business or may be contracted to a third party. Wap.us! does not provide the Delivery Service to the Users in absolutely no case.

Processing of Personal Data
Wap.us! is a Privacy Lover system that does not store any personal data of the Users, their behavior on the site, their searches, their purchase, their reservation or the contact made with the Businesses or its content. For this reason, it is explicitly stated that WAPUS ECO INCORPORATED does not store absolutely any browsing data or User behavior data.

Wap.us! does not use own cookies or third-party cookies. The User visit is 100% anonymous for the Wap.us! servers, which is also protected with end-to-end SSL encryption, so it is also very secure!.

Intellectual property of the contents
The distinctive signs used to identify the Businesses and the Images that may be found in their Widgets are owned or used by the Businesses, which is not supervised nor is it the responsibility of Wap.us!

WAPUS ECO INCORPORATED holds all the copyrights of the Design and Source Code of the website hosted at https://wap.us and used for the operation of the Widgets, especially, but not limited to, own logos, designs, trademarks, trade names and data that are included in the web within https://wap.us and Designs and Source Code of the Widgets and their functions. Users are advised that such rights are protected by international legislation on intellectual and industrial property. The total or partial reproduction of the Website, Widgets or Source Code, not even through a hyperlink, or any of its contents, without the express written permission of WAPUS ECO INCORPORATED is expressly prohibited. Likewise, the copying, reproduction, adaptation, modification, distribution, commercialization, public communication and / or any other action that involves an infringement of current international regulations on intellectual and / or industrial property, as well as the use of the contents of the web if it is not with the express prior written authorization of WAPUS ECO INCORPORATED. WAPUS ECO INCORPORATED informs that it does not grant any implicit license or authorization on intellectual and / or industrial property rights or on any other right or property related, directly or indirectly, to the contents included in its website.
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